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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Puzzle 50 Solution

Solution to this puzzle will not be released so people can continue figuring out the puzzle. However, the final answer will be released. Well done b3virq3b for solving this commemorative puzzle.

Answer: halloffamegiocs

Puzzle 49 Solution

Note that 9 people are giving 7 different answers, and at most 1 answer is correct, so there are at least 6 liars.

Suppose there are 6 liars. Then Debbie and Gilly are telling the truth and the 7 other villagers present are liars. But 7 > 6, so this assumption is wrong.

Suppose there are 7 liars. Then Ben is telling the truth and the 8 other villagers present are liars. But 8 > 7, so this assumption is wrong too.

Suppose there are 8 liars. Then the 9 villagers present are all liars. but 9 > 8, so we rule out this assumption.

Suppose there are 10 liars. Then Andy and Isaac are telling the truth, so there are at most 9 liars. But 9 < 10 so this assumption is wrong.

Suppose there are 11 liars. Then Eric is telling the truth, but that means there are at most 10 liars. 10 < 11 so this assumption is wrong yet again.

Hence, the only correct answer is that there are 9 liars, and only Jessie and Kevin who were not present are truthtellers.

Answer: 9

Puzzle 48 Solution

There are ten 'issues' over there. Reading ten issues aloud gives you your answer.

Answer: Tennis Shoes

Puzzle 47 Solution

The statues sound like a good lead and are worth inspecting. Hovering your mouse between they and worth in the line "Are they worth inspecting" reveals a hidden link to the following page: which allows you to inspect the statues.

Now, looking at the first letters of the plates, you might possibly form some words, so if you sort them out in the right order as below, you will get the desired question:

Reading vertically down by columns, you get: What is the seventh letter of the alphabet? And the answer to that tells you the correct lever to pull.

Answer: G

Puzzle 46 Solution

After drawing the smallest box with the 3 circles, work out the angles as shown above. Looking at the VERTICAL dotted line, we can see that the side length of the square is equal to the length of the vertical dotted line and the length of 2 radii of the circles.

The vertical dotted line is given by 10cos15. 2 radii form a diameter. So the side length of the square is: 10cos15 + 10 = 19.66 to the nearest cm.

Answer: 19.66