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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Puzzle 04 Solution

The hint for this puzzle comes from the fact that Nick is doing target practice. Note that target practice boards usually have concentric circles. Indeed, 24 out of the 25 points fall on 3 different concentric circles on the target board as follows:

Thus, the anomalous point is point number 13.

Answer: 13

Monday, May 29, 2006

Puzzle 03 Solution

They all have 3 consecutive letters of the alphabet:

DEFend, caLMNess, iNOPportune, STUdio, HIJack, fiRST.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Puzzle 02 Solution

Note that this is really a question about factors. Excluding 1 as a factor, if it has an odd number of factors, the scenario will be as such:

CLOSE (factor #1)
OPEN (factor #2)
CLOSE (factor #3)
OPEN (factor #2k), k is an integer
CLOSE (factor #2k+1)

so it will be closed.

If, excluding 1, it has an even number of factors, every 2 sets of its factors will mean a CLOSE-OPEN action, so it will end up as opened Only square numbers have an even number of factors, excluding 1.

Thus, the solution is the number of square numbers between 1-2006.

Answer: 44.

Puzzle 01 Solution

Try completing the 9 x 9 grid like a sudoku puzzle. Your solved puzzle should look as such:

Read from the first coloumn and you will get the phrase: "Page Source". View the source code of the Chork's Puzzle page and you will find the hidden question at the bottom of the page:

Puzzle 01
Unscramble this Anagram
to form a word which is the answer to puzzle 01

unscramble the anagram to get the word:

NOT coincidentally, the answer is in the question. (:

Answer: millionth