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Friday, October 20, 2006

Puzzle 36 Solution

Taking note of the first letters of the statements, we have: "Goddess of Desire and Beauty" which gives us the name of the first goddess, aphrodite.

Now, we note that some of the statements are errorneous. Bolded statements are correct.

Girls are generally born with more fat cells than boys.
Ornithology is the study of marine animals. (It is the study of birds)
Decibels is the unit of measurement for the frequency of sound. (The unit is hertz)
Dynamos were invented by Ernest Rutherford. (It is invented by Michael Faraday)

Epsilon, the 5th letter of the Greek alphabet, is used as the symbol of the permittivity of a medium.
Stratosphere is higher up in the Earth's atmosphere than mesosphere. (Stratosphere is lower)
Strontium is more chemically reactive than calcium.

Ohm is the unit of measurement for reactance.
Filaments in light bulbs are usually made of nickel. (The material is tungsten)
Deimos is a moon orbiting the planet Uranus. (Deimos orbits Mars)
Electroscopes are used to measure static charge.
Solder is an alloy of copper and zinc. (It is an alloy of lead and tin)

Infra-red has a higher frequency than microwaves.
Radius is a bone in the forearm.
Ethology is the study of insects. (It is the study of animal behaviour)
Argon is the most common noble gas found in the air we breathe in.

Nb is the chemical symbol for niobium.
Dimenhydrinate is the scientific name for a drug used to prevent hair loss. (It is used to prevent nausea and motion sickness)
Bacillus are straight and rod-shaped.

Etymology is the study of word origins.
Ailurophobia is the fear of dogs. (It is the fear of cats)
Ungulates are animals with toes. (They are animals with hooves)
The explosion that is said to have begun the universe is the Big Bang.
Yttrium has atomic number 39.

Now, according "1" to correct statements and "0" to incorrect statements, we have:

Converting the binary numbers to base 10, and then transforming it to alphabets, we get Hermes.

Answer: Aphrodite, Hermes


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